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Evolving Visions

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We here at Samsara Studios are committed to bringing your story to video, our goal is to help clients elevate their vision to the next level through innovative video and a sensitivity to the creative needs of artists and creators.



Samsara Studios was founded in 2016 by Brandon Salaz. Samsara is a video production company with an emphasis on storytelling and finding creative solutions to the advertising needs of our clients. We feel that the power of film itself lies in the medium’s ability to communicate the fundamental truths of human experience and expression to an audience, and through it we endeavor to help our clients communicate their ideas and vision to the rest of the world.

Every story, every business, and every idea is unique and we see it as our duty to not only translate this through a visual medium, but to do it in a way that best expresses our client’s goals. And in doing so, it is our goal to help the client elevate themselves to the next level, where they can manifest their ideas and have the freedom to express their dreams into realities. Because we understand that sometimes the only difference between a dream and its realization is communicating it, in the way which we at Samsara can and will. 


Samsara is a Sanskrit word used in Buddhist and Vedic philosophies to refer to the cyclical, wandering state of existence in the physical world. It was postulated as a state of being which could be transcended through meditation and Karma, thus one could be elevated to a higher plane. It is our belief at Samsara that the creative and business fields operate much in the same way, and as our slogan states, “Evolving Visions”, it is our goal to help you reach this next level through your ideas.

In eastern philosophy this process of transcending was seen as a liberation, and we believe that there is no greater freedom than reaching your goals and being allowed to create in a limitless, more inspiring environment. Whether this means more views on YouTube or introducing more people to you and your product, we believe in delivering the level of quality and professionalism that your vision deserves to help move you ahead.